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Alveius: Welcome to Aetherian Tournament! Tonight we are coming to you live from Troupple Pond in the world of Shovel Knight! Unfortunately Shovel Knight is not scheduled for the tournament tonight, but we will still have a great time.

Weluos: I cannot wait for the action to start tonight!

Alveius: Lets get it started with our first match, Orcane and Etalus!

Etalus def. Orcane

Weluos: Etalus beat Orcane, a predictable win.

Alveius: Etalus is a powerful opponent, he is not easy to defeat.

Weluos: Next is Elliana and Absa!

Absa def. Elliana

Alveius: And the Storm Architect wins!

Weluos: Absa was very in tune with her electric powers tonight, allowing her to advance to round 2!

Alveius: Up next is Wrastor and Maypul.

Wrastor def Maypul

Weluos: In very quick fashion, Wrastor has defeated Maypul!

Alveius: That WAS a quick match! And the Air Armada must be proud of him right now!

Weluos: Next stop, Clairen and Forsburn!

Forsburn def Clairen

Alveius: In a match that was almost neck and neck, it was the champion's brother that took the win!

Weluos: It would be quite interesting to see Forsburn fight Zetterburn for the championship. Whether it will happen or not remains unseen for now.

Zetterburn enters the studio

Zetterburn: And it will not happen. He is not worthy enough for the title. He disgraced our family by turning away instead of fighting to clear his name. I love him despite my accusations before the war, but he will not take the title.

Zetterburn walks out

Alveius: Strong words from the champion! Next up, Etalus and Absa kick off round 2!

Etalus def. Absa

Weluos: The Glacier's Might comes through with another win!

Alveius: We keep saying Etalus is an incredible competitor, and he just proves it every time he competes!

Weluos: Wrastor and Forsburn battle it out next!

Forsburn def. Wrastor

Alveius: Forsburn is one step closer to facing his brother!

Weluos: He still has to make it through our next match against the so-far dominant Etalus for that opportunity.

Alveius: Etalus vs Forsburn, next!

Forsburn def. Etalus


Alveius: Forsburn is going to face Zetterburn for the title! This is incredible!

Zetterburn: So you made it this far, my brother. Consider it a path of luck. I will forge the end of that path right here.

Forsburn: The only thing ending tonight is your smacktalk and your 2nd reign!

Zetterburn: Well, then, bring it on!

Zetterburn def. Forsburn

Weluos: I was hoping Forsburn would have won!

Alveius: Zetterburn is our unbeatable champion!

Zetterburn helps Forsburn up

Zetterburn: I have to admit, I though you had me there, bro. I am impressed. If you ever make it this far again, you may have a chance to win the title.

Forsburn: That means a lot. From you.

Smoke then enshrouds the field

Weluos: Wait, what's going on here?

Rykenburn charges towards a blinded Zetterburn and begins to pummel him, with Forsburn jumping in to aid his brother, splitting the two up

Alveius: It's the awol General Rykenburn! What is he doing here?!

Zetterburn: General Rykenburn... can't say I am surprised to see your anarchy-driven pelt here.

Rykenburn shrugs Forsburn off of him

Rykenburn: Let me introduce myself! Fresh from the training grounds, I am Rykenburn, an ex-general of the Fire Capitol, the Smokescreen Powerhouse!

Security tries to escort him out

Zetterburn: No no, if he wants his debut to be forever tainted by being pummeled, give him a match against me. No championship match, a normal match. Let him have it.

Weluos: Are they going to do it?

Alveius: I just got word the match is official!

Zetterburn def: Rykenburn

Weluos: Zetterburn did exactly what he said!

Alveius: Rykenburn thought too far into the future, and it led to his downfall!

Weluos: Thats all the time we have for tonight, join us next week at Merchant Port!