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Shovel Knight

Ori and Sein



Alveius: Welcome to Aetherian Tournament! We are coming to you live the night before Halloween from the Fire Capitol!

Weluos: I hope everyone is ready for nonstop action because we are bringing it tonight!

Alveius: First match of the night is Orcane and Elliana!

Orcane def. Elliana

Weluos: Even though momentum was in Elliana's favor, Orcane came back around with the win!

Alveius: He was incredible this match, but does he have the energy to continue forward? We will have to see!

Weluos: This next match is going to be a good one! Etalus vs Shovel Knight is next!

Etalus def. Shovel Knight

Alveius: Etalus started hitting hard and did not stop!

Weluos: Several points throughout the match, Etalus couldn't even touch Shovel Knight because it was hit after hit, but Etalus pushed through and defeated the, in my honest opinion a little too overpowered, Shovel Knight.

Alveius: Ori and Sein take on Clairen, next!

Clairen def. Ori and Sein

Weluos: And the Flame's Salvation defeated Ori and Sein!

Alveius: Clairen is a seasoned warrior, a rebel who fought to bring the Fire Nation back to it's former glory in the future. Ori's spirit magic just was not enough to phase this tough panther!

Weluos: Up next is Kragg and Maypul!

Maypul def. Kragg

Alveius: And Maypul defeated Kragg!

Weluos: She was a little more violent than usual, perhaps she really wants that championship!

Alveius: The stage is set for round 2 and Etalus and Orcane kick it off next!

Etalus def. Orcane

Weluos: And Etalus has defeated Orcane!

Alveius: Orcane outsmarted Etalus with his puddlejumping several times but it just was not enough!

Weluos: Next is a little dream match of mine, Maypul and Clairen close out round 2!

Maypul def. Clairen

Alveius: After these two competitors delivered one hell of a fight, Maypul is the winner!

Weluos: Maypul is a tough opponent on the field. It is no surprise she won!

Alveius: She faces off against Etalus in round 3 next!

Etalus def. Maypul

Weluos: And Etalus defeated Maypul!

Alveius: Both fighters are stron in their own way, Etalus with his strength and Maypul with how in sync with her element she is. It comes down to who uses their strength to their advantage the most.

Weluos: This just in! Zetterburn and Etalus have agreed to a third mystery competitor to join the championship match in our first Tri-Royale match!

Alveius: Who is it gonna be?

Orcane enters the field

Weluos: Orcane?!

Alveius: You have got to be joking! He won't last long in this fight!

Zetterburn def. Orcane and Etalus

Weluos: Zetterburn won it all!

Alveius: An incredible show of force from Zetterburn tonight!

Weluos: We will see you next week at Troupple Pond.